Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn (Our Top Picks)

Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn

The best sprinkler for a long narrow lawn is one that can water the ground and sides. A good choice would be an underneath mount system with no-slip pads, which will keep your yard from becoming cluttered by excess moisture or moss.”

The most important thing to consider when buying a sprinkler is how wide it will cover. The ideal distance between each yard line should be 4-6 inches so that you can water all areas effectively without having too many returns or wasting water on rocks/gravel which might cause the lawn problems in future if left unchecked.

Whatever your needs are, we have a sprinkler that will meet them. Whether you’re looking for an ornamental lawn to show off at home or one capable of watering plants and flowers while also keeping grass from browning out – our selection can help!

These are the Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn

  1. Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head
  2. Rain Bird 1804 VAN – 4″ Professional Pop-up Sprinkler
  3. Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System
  4. Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head
  5. Toro 53814 Pop-Up Fixed-Spray with Variable Adjustable Nozzle
  6. KORAM 4″ P71143 Pop-up Sprinkler Heads
  7. K-Rain 6 pack Adjustable Pattern Nozzles

1- Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head

Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Hea

if you have a lawn, it isn’t easy to take care of your lawn, and if these are narrow, you have to increase the effort. Sprinklers are the way to provide water to the whole lawn in a rainfall way. You can find various sprinklers in the market, but if you want to stay on budget while buying good sprinklers, buy Rainbird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head. 

It comes with a bunch of two sprinkles with a 4-inches pop head. Also, with this sprinkle introduced in your yard, have confidence that your whole grass stays wet and watered each day. This product can easily reach at 50 feet and while the inside range is 40 degrees. 

Moreover, the sprinkler includes a pressing factor actuated multi-work wiper seal guarantees for a smooth spring-up head withdrawal each time you turn it on.

While simultaneously guaranteeing that there are no breaks and water misfortune when it is wound down. For added sturdiness, it accompanies O rings and seals and extra insurance to keep the sprinkler shielded from the hard water normally utilized in water system frameworks for grass.

Very high quality is used while manufacturing to make it more durable, long-lasting, and more adjustable for you. In addition, Rain-bird 5000 Series is reasonable for both private and business applications.

No big and heavy installations are required. You can easily install the product because the sprinkler head is worked with a slip-grasp component. You do not need to change the nozzle every time; instead, adjust through the Radius adjustment screw.


  • 2 sprinkles with 4″ pop head.
  • Reach is 50 feet.
  • 8 low-angle nozzles.
  • 8 standard angle nozzles.
  • Contain very good quality.
  • Radius adjustment screw.
  • Easy to install

2- Rain Bird 1804 VAN – 4″ Professional Pop-up Sprinkler

Rain Bird 1804 VAN - 4 Professional Pop-up Sprinkler

Rain Bird 1804VAN – 4″ Professional Pop-up Sprinkler is a complete package to provide your entire narrow lawn all the water they can demand. Then, at that point, here’s an ideal answer for your inquiry. Rainbird is one of our top items to delight all enthusiastic grounds-keepers through its unimaginable presentation. 

Allow us to uncover all its amazing highlights. This spring-up sprinkler is very much aware of its watering task. It works consummately by watering your restricted grass in each corner. In addition, this sprinkler is made of tempered steel.

Its spring-up head could turn around to its base when it’s not being used because of the presence of a hardened steel spring. You get total 5 Rainbird 1804 splash heads in the whole packet. 

Moreover, along these lines, you need not stress over its solidness as it is profoundly solid and can bear outrageous climate vacillations with no impact on its exhibition. Presently, save your watering time and allot this undertaking to your rainbird sprinkler.

You won’t ever lament your decision. In the meantime, it will work impeccably in any event, during lower strain to keep up with the water needs of your grass.

You get 4 inches pop-up height to provide the water to entire narrow lawns, and the item weight is quite light 1.12 pounds, although you can carry it easily and the installation process is also very easy.

The cleaning process is easy also; you can remove or reinstall the head anytime you want. Nozzles can be adjustable at any time according to your lawn watering requirement.


  • 5 spray head with 4″ pop-up height.
  • Adjustable is possible.
  • Body height is 6 inches.
  • Easy to install

3- Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System

Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System

The Orbit 54100 is a top-of-the line sprinkler for those with long narrow lawns. Like the rest of the sprinklers, the Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System also features a simple construction. The outer product covering is made from construction-grade polymer that makes sure it stays for a very long time to serve you.

Likewise love this sprinkler framework because the maker has kept its plan brilliant so that you can get a very durable product. The long spring up the top of the sprinkler is fitted with a delicate padded cap. A sprinkler with a hard projecting head is an expected risk in yards with high action and people walking through; that is not the situation with Orbit 54100 because it is unique and has good quality. Moreover, it arrived in black color to increase the beauty of the product.

Moreover, the other recognizable improvement in this sprinkler framework is its tall spring up.. The sprinkling from this tallness ensures you can sufficiently water the grass through the planned distance.

Furthermore, Circle has also ensured that you needn’t bother with more than two or three of these sprinklers for your extra-long, restricted grass. Circle 54100 Sprinkler System can also water from its most extreme distance limit; on account of its extra-long spring up head to provide water very far.

Nozzles are adjustable compared to other sprinklers you find on the market. Although it is difficult to provide water to a narrow lawn, the Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System makes it easier.


  • Best for 10 to 15 feet. 
  • 6-inches tall spring.
  • Cushioned cap for height.
  • Good quality

4- Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head is unique and provides different features as compared to others. In case you are searching for the most fundamental sprinkler for your long, restricted narrow yard, then, at that point, this Orbit item is a customized alternative that is perfect for you.

The rudimentary idea of Orbit 54071 sprinkler mustn’t influence its exhibition using any means. There is a motivation behind why it has wound up on our rundown of the best sprinklers for long, thin yards.

Presently we should take a gander at the highlights that make it an ideal sprinkler choice for long, tight yards. The sprinkler has a 1.75-inch spring up that works perfectly for your lawns.

It can spray water to the planned distance, given that your grass gets ordinary managing. In addition, the spring-up includes a large portion of an inch female strung delta to foster a solid water stream from the sprinkler.

Moreover, this sprinkler is made of unadulterated metal form. Dissimilar to numerous sprinklers that rapidly begin rusting endlessly because of their cast iron center, this sprinkler displays preeminent obstruction against consumption.

Even following quite a while of utilization, you will not identify a hint of oxidization on this Orbit sprinkler. The metal spout additionally includes a change bar so you can keep up with the measure of watering according to the season and the time.

The sprinkler can create water planes up to 15 inches, which implies two of them will be sufficient to water a long, restricted portion of grass.


  • Best for narrow lawns.
  • Spray at 10 to 15 feet.
  • Differently adjustable nozzles.
  • 1 1/3 pop-up height of spray. 
  • 1.75 inches spring up

5- Toro 53814 Pop-Up Fixed-Spray with Variable Adjustable Nozzle

Toro 53814 Pop-Up Fixed-Spray with Variable Adjustable Nozzle

If you have grass, it is truly challenging to deal with your yard, and if these are tight, you need to expand the exertion. Sprinklers are the best approach to give water to the entire yard in a precipitation way. You can discover an assortment of sprinklers on the lookout; however, assuming you need to remain in the financial plan while purchasing great sprinklers, purchase Toro 53814 4-Inch Pop-Up. 

Endeavoring to get the best sprinkler for slender regions to satisfy all water necessities of your grass? Toro 53814 springs up fixed shower. Know every one of your requirements.

Due to the amazing water-saving feature, you can truly save your water by wastage and complete your job. This choice will work for all tight and medium-sized yards. 

Suppose you own a nursery or grass in a limited region. Then, at that point, you need to pick a sprinkler that can water your grass in an upward way. In the meantime, you can fix this sprinkler effectively in your grass inside no time. In addition, it additionally offers a change of 360 degrees.

Additionally, you can undoubtedly contort it at whatever point you need to adjust the course. Finally, it guarantees a continuous progression of water in any event during lower pressure. Thus, you can water your valuable plants to stay away from their shriveling. 

Moreover, the product quality is amazing and works for you for very long periods. Also, it won’t cover many areas on your narrow lawn; instead, it will take a very small corner or area to provide water to your beautiful lawn.


  • 15 feet spry radius.
  • Amazing quality.
  • Very small in size.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • 360-degree of motion.
  • Adjustable mold

6- KORAM 4″ P71143 Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

KORAM 4 P71143 Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

you should provide your lawn a good and unique water source so your long narrow lawn can also get water. In case you’re choosing to supplant your sprinkler to give a superior water source to your yard. Then, at that point, Koram 4 inches spring up sprinkler heads will be a phenomenal expansion to your grass keeping up with instruments. 

Since an all-around trimmed and reviving grass consistently helps up the mindset. In addition, its top-notch material additionally offers solidness and opposition against UV beams.

KORAM 4″ Pop-up Sprinkler Heads Fully Adjustable is made from very good quality material during manufacturing and UV resistant plastic used to make the KORAM 4″ Pop-up Sprinkler. Radius is quite big because it can cover 3 to 16 radiuses at once.

So you get a total of 4 sprinkle heads in one packet to place it at some distance. Also, waterfalls in rainy drops form the equal distribution of water in the whole lawn.

Also, the main element of the KORAM spring-up sprinkle is its Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology. This downpour innovation will save your water by creating drops repellent from the breeze.

Nonetheless, you can pivot and change this sprinkler more effectively than other conventional plastic sprinklers. Thus, get your hands on this perhaps the best sprinkler for blossom beds to profit a rich green yard. Moreover, you can utilize it for almost all small and medium types of lawn.

Moreover, adjustment is always required because the lawn demands water in every direction; KORAM 4″ Pop-up Sprinkler Heads provides 0 to 360 direction adjustment to fulfill the demand for freshwater. 


  • 4 inches pop up the head.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Best for small to medium narrow lawns.
  • They are made from UV-resistant plastic.
  • Adjustable sprinkler head.
  • Very durable. 
  • High is 6.3 inches

7- K-Rain 6 pack Adjustable Pattern Nozzles

K-Rain 6 pack Adjustable Pattern Nozzles

Wanting to get the best sprinkler sets out toward limited strips? Then, at that point, these smaller than normal animals will care for your grass.

But, on the other hand, if you’re one of those individuals who need refreshing grass, however unfit to put the time in support of the yard.

Then, at that point, you ought to consider this alternative before purchasing some other watering device. K-Rain Pro-S 4″ Professional Pop-Up Sprays are very light in weight. 

Since a solid and dependable watering instrument will facilitate the upkeep cycle for you, K-Rain is furnishing all energetic grounds-keepers with an astonishing arrangement of spring-up splashes. Thus, you can water your grass without any problem.

Nonetheless, its wiper seal keeps it from spillage and could be retractable in a wide range of soils. In the interim, its assembling material has strong UV and microbial-safe material to offer durable types of assistance. Presently, you can water your yard inside no time with the assistance of an astounding arrangement of water system apparatuses.

Moreover, K-Rain Pro-S 4″ Professional Pop-Up Sprays Fully Adjustable is produced using awesome quality material during assembling and UV safe plastic used to make the K-Rain Pro-S 4″ Professional Pop-Up Sprays.

The sweep is enormous because it can cover big ranges on the double. You get all out 6 sprinkle heads in one parcel to put it at some distance; additionally, waterfalls in stormy drops structure to the equivalent conveyance of water in the entire yard.

The installation process is very easy due to its lightweight and all instructions available while buying the product.


  • 4 inches pop up the head.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Easy to install.
  • 6 sprinklers in one packet.
  • UV safe plastic used.
  • Contain the best quality.
  • Adjustable nozzles

How to choose the best sprinkler for a long narrow lawn:


A sprinkler consistently works out with the assistance of its spring-up head. Right off the bat, you ought to think about spring-up stature first, which will help you for appropriate watering. On the off chance that your grass size is medium or limited, up to 2 creeps of spring up tallness will work.

In any case, if you have a long segment of grass, a sprinkler with 4 inches of spring-up tallness will work impeccably. If you want to buy a good sprinkler head, then you must focus on head height. Also, mostly you find 4 inches pop up the head.

Lawn size:

You can get various sprinklers for the long narrow lawn in the market but always focus on the size of your lawn. It would help if you bought any of them according to the requirement of your lawn. If your lawn is small to medium, you should go for the small size sprinklers.

You need to keep your yard size and shape to yourself before purchasing sprinklers for your grass. Since a sprinkler is intended to water the entire grass, pick a sprinkler as per your grass region along these lines. 

Material and type:

Above all, search for the assembling material of the sprinkler since your sprinkler needs to bear every single climate change. Along these lines, a solid sprinkler will turn out impeccably for the upkeep of the grass.

Generally, tempered steel, metal, and plastic sprinklers would be solid and dependable. The right watering device will water your entire grass in an ideal way. Along these lines, you can leave your grass watering upon a water system instrument as it’s compulsory for your yard support.

Various sprinklers are appropriate for little, restricted, and huge measured yards to facilitate everybody’s life. An assortment of plans is accessible that add to the style of your grass. Various kinds of sprinklers are accessible to suit all yard needs.

You can find various types of sprinklers for long narrow lawns like Rain-bird, Orbit, KORAM, and many more. First, all of their features, instructions, and all other benefits, then purchase any of them.


When introduced, your sprinkler should bear outside conditions like outrageous warmth and outrageous virus. Given this, make a point to think about the solidness of your sprinkler. A sprinkle made of tempered steel, metal, or ABS plastic would be an extraordinary decision. 

A profoundly strong sprinkle will not simply stand the trial of time; it ought to likewise hold the pressing factor of water.

Sprinkles are intended to make your grass support simpler, particularly if you have a long tight yard. If you are currently prepared to pick the best long restricted grass sprinkler to have, here is a portion of the top decisions you can consider.

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